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Conversion to Continental Diesel Engine Project

Making your aircraft more economical and easier to operate and savings for the environment with less emissions and quieter flying.


Engine Continental CD-135, 155 is certified for Cessna 172 Conversion to Continental CD Diesel engine takes us about some weeks. In conversion is included: disassembly of old engine, assembly of new preparation of firewall installation of new onboard electrical system installation of fuel system preparation of fuel tanks preparation of cowling.

Cessna 172

Conversions to Continental diesel engines are performed basically to a Cessna 172.  The leading brand Continental Diesel engines are certified according to the requirements of FAA and EASA and additional further 60 countries.

CD Engines

Cessna 172 which are equipped with Diesel engine on which has the advantages of CD engines are

      • better performances,
      • no carbon monoxide poisoning possible,
      • no lead emission
      • lower fuel consumption enables it longer range,
      • cheaper fuel, (Engine can operate with jet fuel JET A-1 or with Diesel fuel with specification DIN EN-590),
      • easy handling due single lever operation,
      • no possible cooling shocks due water cooled engine,
      • aircraft has higher autonomy,
      • less vibrations,
      • lower noise (better noise certificate).


The main steps during engine conversion “on the classic aircraft”; requires some modifications and installations, like;

      • disassemble the old Lycoming engine which runs with gasoline (Avgas) and remove the engine mount, and the firewall should be modified,
      • Partially removing the cabin floor to install and modify the new fuel tanks and fuel system is necessary,
      • Also during the conversion, a new electrical system is built together with the instrument panel and engine controls installed.

Better performances and easy handling due single lever operation

By that; the converted aircraft gains a single control lever which has the combination of throttle, mixture and propeller control.