Providing collaborative and goal directed Project management services all around the World.


Alpha Aviation and Training Inc. company was founded in 2019 by three partners. The partners from different nations are gathered in Alpha Aviation, in Istanbul and aims to provide marketing & sales and services in the field of aviation.

Alpha Aviation’s greatest assurance is the vast experience, recognition and reputation of its founders. Their international business activities in similar aviation-related fields are the advantages in favor of a newborn company.

The Alpha company, keeps closely the improvements in aviation and fallows the new demands at the market. The essential objective is to be one of the leading companies in the sector with its strong administrative and financial accumulation. Main field of activity of Alpha Aviation is to supply and sell all kinds of spare parts, components and systems that civilian and military aircraft need. Apart from military and civil aviation in rotary and fixed wing aircrafts, our specialization in “special operations” issues which broadens our commercial scale.

Reacting and responding on-time is a main factor, which is the essential criterion of the aviation. This impulsion us to react to any commercial requirement within short period of time frame of 7/24 in accordance with this principle.

We do not limit ourselves. The entire World is our business-activity area

Since the Alpha Aviation has been established, we offer marketing & sales & services, with its professionalism, creativities, honesty and market development features, by a steady growth.

Alpha Aviation has been designed in accordance with, the experience of its staff and the strategy and organizational structure developed by the management staff.

The basic policy of Alpha Aviation is to sell quality-certified materials, products, spare parts and the components as well as to complete the projects on time.

Our Vision is to be an international, respectful to the ethical values and a reliable company in aviation field.